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Do You Know Someone In The Steem Community Who Wants to Improve Their English?

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I am going to start posting to @steemenglish again. The goal of this Steem account is to help people who want to improve their English skills.

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Each week I will focus on one topic. The following is a sample of what one week might look like.

  • Day #1 - Introduce The Topic via a Steem post.
  • Day #2 - Use dPoll to ask questions to make sure people understand the topic (3-4 questions).
  • Day #3 - Record sentences about the topic on dSound so that the users can practice listening and dictation.
  • Day #4 - Have a fun activity to reinforce the topic.
  • Day #5 - Present a writing prompt about the topic in a Steem post. The users can write their response in the comment section of the post.

I want to hear from you. Please select the response that you most agree with. If you know someone who would benefit from simple English lessons please tag them in the comment section.

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I would recommend @SteemEnglish to other people so that they can practice English. (16.67%) 1 / 6
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