What do you think is best when a little boy in front of you wants an ice cream and doesn't get it?

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There was a small family in front of me and there was a little boy asking so bitterly and full of pain that he wanted an ice cream. But the parents didn't respond, I think because the family shopping had already been done and it would have been quite a hassle to go to the shop again. The boy then pushed the mum and was very angry with her. When I went to the car, I saw the family again, I went to the family and gave sweets that I had bought for Halloween to the little boy and also to his sister. The little boy, the sister and the mother were very happy and the mother was so happy and thanked me lovingly. I don't know if the father was happy because I was fully concentrated on the little boy.


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I would also give him sweets (80.0%) 4 / 5
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I wouldn't say anything, it's none of my business. (20.0%) 1 / 5
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