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INTRODUCTION Hello, I'm going to be giving one lucky commenter half of the author payout from this post. Winner will be chosen at post payout. If your comment is picked, and you haven't upvoted the post, prior to payout, you will lose out, and a new winner will be chosen. This will be run weekly. A second winner will be chosen for an SBI share.

RULES 1. You must upvote this post 2. You have to comment below 3. Resteeming, and/or following is optional

The following tokens will be earned on this post PALcoin, WEEDcash, Leo, INT, SPT, and NEOXAG.

PALcoin is the official token for It's a community built around helping each other, and supporting great content creators. I've not had the chance to read their whitepaper.

WEEDcash is the token for weedcash network, it's built around cannabis, and all things related to cannabis. They want only content related to cannabis posted on their frontend, or related to their community.

Leo is the token for STEEM Leo. Their community is for investing, and all things related to investing. They're a more recent frontend community for the steemit blockchain, and they recently had an airdrop to all palcoin holders. It's definitely a good community to peruse once in a while to see what's going on in the crypto investing world.

INT is the official token of the intrepreneur tribe. The tribe is based on the idea of having entrepreneurs around the world coming together, and helping each other, while also talking about, and going over what they do for a living. Whatever you're doing, or thinking of doing to make a living, within the law, and reason, can be posted with the int tag. There are self sufficient people, investors, etc, etc already in the discord server. Come join us, and learn more about the endeavor by @crystalhuman. If you're confused about anything, you can talk with crystal, and they will be happy to clarify anything for you, along with any of the team members. There are quests available to earn some int through crystal human.

SPT is the token for splintertalk. They're a community built around their game steemmonsters. All posts on there should be related to their game, or token. Try to focus on using their frontend more for posting about their game.

NEOXAG silver, the official token of the neoxian city, I am currently not a holder of any, so there may not be any in the payout for this post.

WINNERS Since only @che-shyr, and @cloudblade commented & upvoted I'm going to give them both tokens, and an SBI share. By my calculations half of what I got on the last post rounded up is:

0.06 STEEM 0.1 LEO 0.01 NEOXAG 0.041 PAL 20 SPT 0.2 WEED 2.2 INT

I'm going to bring the INT to 2.5 So they both will get the amounts shown, leaving me with none of the author reward from that post.

POLL What's your favorite tribe? Answer poll over on dpoll


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PALnet (46.43%) 13 / 28
46.43% Complete (success)
STEEMleo (10.71%) 3 / 28
10.71% Complete (success)
Splintertalk (10.71%) 3 / 28
10.71% Complete (success)
NEOXian (10.71%) 3 / 28
10.71% Complete (success)
INTrepreneur (7.14%) 2 / 28
7.14% Complete (success)
WEEDcash (7.14%) 2 / 28
7.14% Complete (success)
Marlians (7.14%) 2 / 28
7.14% Complete (success)

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