help us with the pricing point of our steem mvp template business.

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hey there!

howdy partner(s)

we launched a little business accepting #steem about a month ago called -- custom landing page designs for people wanting to get a site up and quickly without having to think too much about it for MVP's, personal projects and niche to the requests we saw all the time on

we are about to change up all our pricing, upgrade our account, use the themes as live stream content (picking a #steemian and designing them a landing page live) and so we want to adjust the price to make them more accessible in the process.

we use a great platform called, it's only $19 a year for the basic package and they have a reasonable upgrade process to other levels of account (some of the themes require pro we realised so that's what prompted this change too)

so, our question today is regarding costs for themes and layouts to speed up the process of getting you up and running -- we have themes for hustles, events, creative projects and groups!

currently they are priced at $35 but we already think that's too high, help us price this stuff, we won't be offended and we probably know the answer already but it's worth using this great steem dapp to get public feedback! :)

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i want to pay whatever i feel it's worth in steem (40.0%) 10 / 25
40.0% Complete (success)
i have no idea why i'm here and what this poll is for (16.0%) 4 / 25
16.0% Complete (success)
$10 is like crazy good, i'd buy more than one (12.0%) 3 / 25
12.0% Complete (success)
$20 is a better price for what i get (8.0%) 2 / 25
8.0% Complete (success)
i want them free because the world should be free and time is an illusion (8.0%) 2 / 25
8.0% Complete (success)
$35 is fine, keep it at that price (4.0%) 1 / 25
4.0% Complete (success)
$5 is enough because of the price of their service as well (4.0%) 1 / 25
4.0% Complete (success)
between $2 and $3 because i could buy x3 then for $10 (4.0%) 1 / 25
4.0% Complete (success)
i would pay after you have designed my landing page live for $25 (4.0%) 1 / 25
4.0% Complete (success)

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