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What are you doing with your Steem Engine Tokens? (Multi Answer Poll)

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Over the recent weeks, quite a few new tokens have been created on Steem Engine. Some of which have their own social platform and distribution flow.

The question is: What are you doing with them?

Do you see Steem Engine Tokens in relationship to Steem, what altcoins are to Bitcoin?

Or do you have more trust in those project than the mothership, Steem?

If you keep/sell only a few, feel free to let us know which those are, or which projects you're most excited about. Also in regards to which tokens you prefer to have staked and which you prefer to keep liquid on hand.

Info: the dPoll supports multiple-answers and the last two answers form a separate question.

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I keep only a few and sell the rest for Steem (42.03%) 29 / 69
42.03% Complete (success)
I prefer to keep them staked (33.33%) 23 / 69
33.33% Complete (success)
I keep all of them (11.59%) 8 / 69
11.59% Complete (success)
I prefer to keep them liquid/un-staked (10.14%) 7 / 69
10.14% Complete (success)
I keep all of them and buy more (1.45%) 1 / 69
1.45% Complete (success)
I sell ALL Steem Engine Tokens for Steem (1.45%) 1 / 69
1.45% Complete (success)

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