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Should we do themed resteems on certain days?

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Should we resteem one particular tag or theme one day a week?

For example, on one Tuesday we would only resteem posts with the tag "photograph", then the next Tuesday we resteem posts within a beach theme, etc.

It would not necessarily on Tuesdays. Haven't decided on that yet and we will probably do an other dpoll to help decide.

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How often do you resteem? Usually everyday but at least a few times a week. We usually resteem at least 3 posts up to around 10 a day. It all depends on what we discover.

If I follow @theresteemer5000 is there a better chance I will get a resteemed? Yes. We try to resteem at least one post from our followers each round.

How old can my post be? We usually resteem new and rising posts withing the past day of resteeming. Sometime we resteem older posts if we think they should be.

Are resteems free? Yes, but we do browse our delegators and donators blogs for good content and take their suggestions for content to resteem. Same goes for our active followers and upvoters. No resteem guarantees.

Is there content you do not resteem? We do not resteem racist, generally offensive, harmful, misleading, or otherwise bullshit content.

Resteem or upvote does not equal endorsement. This is merely an account to assist the Steem Community.

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