Are You Ready To Live A Sustainable Life?

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People are becoming more aware of their impact on their environment and or community they live in. It is no surprise that there are some who consciously adopt sustainable life practices to be able to help the earth in general and live a sustainable life.

Are you ready to start little steps on your own to contribute to the betterment of life here on earth?

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Yes, I am aware of my impact on our limited resources (26.15%) 17 / 65
26.15% Complete (success)
Yes, because I just wanted to (26.15%) 17 / 65
26.15% Complete (success)
Yes, I already had started on my own (15.38%) 10 / 65
15.38% Complete (success)
No, because the earth is just fine, we got no issues not even climate change (9.23%) 6 / 65
9.23% Complete (success)
Yes, but I do not know how or where to start (9.23%) 6 / 65
9.23% Complete (success)
No, because this is just a fad (6.15%) 4 / 65
6.15% Complete (success)
Others ( specify) (4.62%) 3 / 65
4.62% Complete (success)
No, because I do not care (3.08%) 2 / 65
3.08% Complete (success)

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