ECENCY POINTS, are they worth it?

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I am a fervent fan of @ecency app , I use it on desktop, mobile and in any occasion. I am such a fan that I have made my largest HP delegation in this application that returns me a good HIVE daily for the curation they do with my delegation. In addition, given my delegation, I also receive POINTS, which are tokens that you can eventually exchange for BOOST or PROMOTION of your own post or also of any other you want to help.


yes, there is always a BUT, I have accumulated more than 30,000 points and, although I apply these points to posts written using @ecency , lately they have not been executed, that is, they do not manage to offer their purpose, which is to promote and reward the particular post if it has an acceptable quality...

and what does "acceptable" mean?

Well, no idea, I just know that I don't apply BOOST to those posts that I haven't considered to be acceptable, at least for me. It is clear that subjectivity is the key. Well, having said that, I think the function of awarding BOOST using POINTS is being used in a very random way to say the least. I don't quite understand its logic... the last three posts that I have published and in which I have used the service have not been voted on by it. And the truth is that I do not consider them to be "bad", tell me yourselves:

As you can see in all three my boost application has been refunded:

Now I ask you

Do you think accumulating ECENCY points to boost posts that deserve it is worth it?

Cheers @toofasteddie

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