Today, are you more or less "bitcoiner"?

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This is something that has always interested me to know, after everything that has happened these last years in the ecosystem, how do you feel? If you have experienced the FOMO of the bull market and then the infinite FUD of the bear market in which we are, you must have learned something at least, IMO. In my case, this is my second deep BEAR market, I can tell you that I was already a convinced BITCOINER after the first one I lived but simply now what has happened to me is that I have solidified my conviction even more and I have managed to get rid of the "noise" of everything else.


I doubt there is anyone who ever gets out once they fall into the BITCOIN Rabbit Hole and start to understand what's all about. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater of other crypto assets but my fundamentals make me see things better through the bitcoiner's lens, BITCOIN solves many major problems, other projects only generate "NOISE" and scams...not all but many do. The discovery of the beginning of the century was BITCOIN, the invention that made it possible was the blockchain. We don't have to look for "better money", or create more crypto based on the same invention, we have to adopt and use it. Scalability, speed, DeFi and all other aspects that can be improved are achieved over time, step by step, transaction after transaction, bear market after bear market, layer after layer... but always maintaining a strong base at the root.

I ask you again...

Are you more, same or less "Bitcoiner" now than when you entered the ecosystem?


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About the same (71.43%) 5 / 7
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Less Bitcoiner (28.57%) 2 / 7
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