Would you be interested in a Trading Guide/Manual that works?

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I am planning to share with you in an extended way a kind of guide to follow with the steps that anyone who wants to start or improve in the trading activity should take.

What I want to share is something that over the years as a trader I have come to understand, after much study, trial and error, backtesting, and fluctuating markets.

Something that I would have wanted someone to have taught me from the beginning and that I think can help everyone a lot.

I am not the type of trader who is looking for x100 in the short term, I am more of a consistent person who focuses on maintaining a sustainable growth of my trading account. I have negative months, I will not deny it, and other months in which the profit is simply able to sustain the losses and win even a little (Break Even months), others in which the growth of my account grows a lot but the most important thing is that I don't lose in the long term, or not till now, and I can even sustain a sustainable profit year after year.

Since the market momentum is rather "boring", I think I can spend more time now to write articles that develop key concepts of the trading process. Unfortunately, my work, family and sports obligations require me a lot of time, so what I want to do is publish a first summary post, presenting the key topics in the trade process and, little by little and without an expected date, develop each topic in specific articles of each following a chronological process. I am still designing the content, I am doing little by little between trade and trade but soon I will have ready the main article about...


I have to say that the communities that I have found within HIVE that deal with #trading are very few and not very active, so my plan is to use #leofinance as the main community. Let me know if there is another one that might be interested. First of all, and although I know that this is not the best time to ask you, since the activity in HIVE has dropped a lot, I ask you, would you be interested in this type of content? Surely, experienced traders may not need it or they could even correct or complete what I am going to share with which any criticism or comment is welcome (as long as it is constructive).

Also tell me on what specific topic would you be most interested in me sharing my experience and knowledge?



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