PsyTrance fests anyone?

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Hi, Steemians!

Just out of the big X-mas trend / hype, I wanna ask you about transformational festivals (which mostly happen during the Spring-Autumn seasons) Yeah they probably have some of those in the Southern Hemisphere right now?!... As a Psy Trance fan I go to such festivals, where they play a lot of different music from chill~out, ambient, breaks and even some ethno styles... I'm not talking about clubbing, which I was tired off... It's about those outdoors / forest / nature wonderful places, full of happy people... (probably so loving only during those days, but yeah some manage to keep the vibes all the time..)

There are a lot of good options to travel and experience the new age hippie culture from first person's consciousness...

please choose your preference bellow!

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Not interested / no opinion... (31.58%) 6 / 19
31.58% Complete (success)
Burning man (15.79%) 3 / 19
15.79% Complete (success)
BOOM festival (10.53%) 2 / 19
10.53% Complete (success)
Psy~fi (10.53%) 2 / 19
10.53% Complete (success)
Sun tribe festival (10.53%) 2 / 19
10.53% Complete (success)
Mo:dem (5.26%) 1 / 19
5.26% Complete (success)
Ozora (5.26%) 1 / 19
5.26% Complete (success)
S.U.N festival (5.26%) 1 / 19
5.26% Complete (success)
Other (please mention!) (5.26%) 1 / 19
5.26% Complete (success)

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