Altcoin Season: Is It Upon Us or Is This A Small Shorted Relief?

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Hello everyone!

This is getting ridiculous. It's the third time I'm trying to make this post on this Android and the text goes away and I need to restart from scratch. Here we go again.

After the recent and violent move from Bitcoin, everyone is divided.

A lot of people are expecting for a few weeks or months of horizontal action from Bitcoin and are sure that Altcoins will make massive gains against BTC in this period.

Others can only see Altcoins losing value to BTC and are staying away from Altcoins as if they had the plague.

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My question is, which side of the camp are you on?

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D - Something in the middle. Bitcoin will go up or down and Altcoins will retain their BTC value. (66.67%) 30 / 45
66.67% Complete (success)
B - The Altcoin Season is about to start and will last a few months. (13.33%) 6 / 45
13.33% Complete (success)
C - What Altcoin Season? Are you mad? Bitcoin will resume crushing every Altcoin soon enough. (11.11%) 5 / 45
11.11% Complete (success)
A - The Altcoin Season is about to start and will last a few weeks. (8.89%) 4 / 45
8.89% Complete (success)

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