Are You Planning to Travel Abroad for Holidays in 2020...?

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With the coronavirus situation, going on holidays to another country has become a daunting task...

Some Governments are restricting tourists from certain countries to enter their countries. Such an example is the Danish Government. Apparently, Denmark is opening its borders to most of Europe except Sweden and Portugal. More, citizens from Denmark that travel to Portugal or Sweden risk losing their jobs.


Then, our own Government has some weird rules stating that if we travel abroad we should to stay in quarantine and isolated for 18 days. Seeing that most of us only have 22 days of vacation per year, I don't see how that will be possible. If we need to stay 18 days in isolation after we return from holidays that means that 14 of our 22 days will be spent with that. Which will leave us with just 8 vacation days left for the entire year. Seems a very dumb way to spend our vacation days.

Now, if we add to that a requirement of staying a further 14 to 20 days in isolation upon arrival to our holiday destination, then we already enter negative values.

Example: 22-18-14 = -10 days!

As such, most people are simply giving up on travelling plans...

What Are your Thoughts? Are You Planning to Travel Abroad for Holidays in 2020...?

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