Is YouTube Really Censoring Crypto Content...?

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Over the last week, I saw plenty of posts in Steem, videos in DTube and messages on Telegram and Twitter claiming that YouTube was censoring Crypto related content and was taking down videos and shutting down accounts.

Many authors in Steem even went to the extreme of trying to capitalise on that by spreading what now appear to be nothing else than a confirmed case of collective hysteria.


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It looks like it was all a big mess up for which YouTube already apologised.

From what I understand, a group of scammers had cloned the profiles of many known YouTubers who talked about crypto and used those fake profiles to scam people, leading to many people confusing them for the real authors of the videos.

At the end of the day, these YouTubers got their accounts supended because of a vast number of wrong reports against them.

You can see one example here. This author, Alessio Rastani, got his account suspended on December 16th and reinstated on December 17th.

Other authors went through the same process and got their accounts reactivated, too.

Still... the collective mass hysteria and the conspiracy theories against YouTube kept being published, here in Steem... and elsewhere. It seems that people had already made up their minds and didn't like to be proved wrong. So they simply ignored the facts and carried on with their Anti-YouTube campaign... you know, because it's simpler to insist on a mistake than to admit you're wrong.

Here's another YouTuber explaining what happened:

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