Do you believe that on content earning sites, that it is fair that a Reader can get paid more then the Content Creator?

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There is a site called: Publish0x

When you create content on this platform the way you earn is by a reader tipping the author on a scale of 20-100%. Here both Author & Reader are rewarded. On this site it is most common that the Author gets tipped at 20% and the reader takes everything else, that would be 80% earnings from content that isn't theirs.

I myself do not believe that this is fair. I do not think that readers should get more than the Author ever! I think that a reader should get between 20-50% and no more!

I was on Publish0x's telegram channel talking with 5 members and 4 of the 5 members, one being the CEO disagreed with me, only the one agreed and said they never tip the Author less then 60%.

I am not sure that this system is fair to the Author because of the time and effort made in the creation of the content.

What do you think and would you be willing to express your opinion on their Telegram channel?

Tell us what you think in the comment section :)

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