What do you think about the new Hive?

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What do I think?

My answer to you is this. Hive is way better and worth more than Steemit. To me there was too many problems within the staff and community.

My 1st issue with the Steemit network was the fakeness that was poured into the platform. What I mean by saying "Fakeness" refers to all the bots & false accounts/profiles. Upvote/downvote, comment bots, to, harassment, buggy plagiarism checker bots, and many other nonreal objects and coding that was allowed to roam and ruin competitor accounts and effecting the wide range of new users from being seen caused by the fake downvote bots. Not fair at all.

Isn’t it the point of social network communication networks about real people interacting together new and old friends and family?

Isn’t quality on most these sites of a person's creative content measured by “unique” impressions (likes, comments/replies, and views) made on their content created?

My second issue was/is all the spam comments with little tiny bits of Steem or other tokens on the engine from scam and spy accounts.

There were limited pros to Steemit. I really liked the endless variety dapps available (which now most are now broken due to the Hive switch).

Why do I love Hive better?

This is simple really!

1) Hive is worth more and can be traded just as easy as Steemit

2) I have not seen any bot creation apps (hope it stays this way)

3) The creation of new dapps not seen before

4) The switch over of my favorite dapps such as Engrave, Dpoll, and a few others)

What do you think? Please leave your comments on why you made your choices above :)

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