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What is the best selling content-category for steem?

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As the need to grow #steem through a massive promotion and marketing via all available media increases, we should also be concerned with the packaging and repackaging of contents to gain adoption of the public. There is need to evaluate the best-selling content-category. With this, the less celebrated content-types should be subjected to further repackaging to gain more value for users, and curators alike.

Although this list may not be exhausted, the well known (to my knowledge) include #art #music #audio #text-contents #videos, #vlogs #ulogs #programming-codes #photos #animations #questions

What is the best selling content-category for steem?

Let's give a sincere shot to this poll and let the result be utilized by communities such as @sndbox @oracle-d to maximize integration as as well repackaging of #steem contents.

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Videos, Vlogs (22.22%) 8 / 36
22.22% Complete (success)
Text contents (19.44%) 7 / 36
19.44% Complete (success)
Photos, Images (16.67%) 6 / 36
16.67% Complete (success)
Art (13.89%) 5 / 36
13.89% Complete (success)
Questions, musings (8.33%) 3 / 36
8.33% Complete (success)
Programming codes (5.56%) 2 / 36
5.56% Complete (success)
Vlogs (5.56%) 2 / 36
5.56% Complete (success)
Others (specify) (5.56%) 2 / 36
5.56% Complete (success)
Music, Audio (2.78%) 1 / 36
2.78% Complete (success)

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