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How often do you go to the movies a year ❓

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dpoll: Wie oft gehst du im Jahr ins Kino? Ich war gestern das erste Mal seit ein paar Jahren wieder im Kino, den neuen Star Wars Film gucken (Episode IX). War in einem kleinen Kinosaal, aber komplett voll. Film war besser als gedacht, jedenfalls besser als die vorige Episode 8. Gehe selten ins Kino, seitdem ich Netflix habe ;) Wie sieht's bei euch aus?


dpoll: How often do you go to the movies a year? I went to the cinema yesterday for the first time in a couple of years, to see the new Star Wars movie (Episode IX). It was in a small theater, but completely full. Movie was better than anticipated, better than the previous Episode IIX. Don't go to the cinema that much since I got Netflix ;) How about you?


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1-2 times a year (39.13%) 9 / 23
39.13% Complete (success)
I don't go to the movies. (34.78%) 8 / 23
34.78% Complete (success)
3-5 times a year (26.09%) 6 / 23
26.09% Complete (success)

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