Are SCOT Miners Over-Valued Or SCOT Tribes Under-Valued? - Or Is It Just Low Liquidity With Less Information?

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This is something I randomly noticed first regarding LEO (my current favorite Tribe). Then I began to check on other Tribes and in most of them, the situation was the same. The marketcap of the Tribe Token was much lower or only slightly above the marketcap of he Miner Token. When there is a Miner + mega Miner, the situation as magnified. Take a look at some examples:

The Exception I Found

These valuations are basically insane as most tribes allocate about 75% for Proof of Brain and 15% for mining. The curation rewards are 50/50 for most Tribes. If you can bet rightly about this situation, it could become a great mid-term trade.

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Tribes Under-Valued (Compared To Miners); The Moon Is Coming (42.11%) 8 / 19
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I'm Not Informed Enough To Answer/ Not Interested In STEEM-Engine (26.32%) 5 / 19
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STEEM-Engine DEX Isn't An Efficient Market Yet. Things Will Gradually Change As Traders become More Informed (21.05%) 4 / 19
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Miners Are Over-Valued (Compared To Tribes) & They Will Eventually Come Down (10.53%) 2 / 19
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