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Are You Even Aware Of The 64% Discount We Currently Have With Untamed Booster Packs?

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This is actually the lower end of the discount. You can buy packs through https://peakmonsters.com or https://monstermarket.io to get an even better deal. All you need to do is buy DEC on STEEM-Engine. 1000 DEC is treated as $1 when buying @steemmonsters Booster Packs. I immediately bought over 10K DEC for myself.

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Yes, I Check The DEC Prices Regularly (40.0%) 4 / 10
40.0% Complete (success)
I Didn't Know About This. Now I Will Buy More (30.0%) 3 / 10
30.0% Complete (success)
The Prices Will Go Lower. I Prefer To Wait (20.0%) 2 / 10
20.0% Complete (success)
I'm Not Interested In DEC/@steemmonsters (10.0%) 1 / 10
10.0% Complete (success)

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