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Are You Impressed With The HIVE Quora Space?

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This is another initiative pushed by @theycallmedan You can use the #hivequora tag to get rewarded for your contributions in Quora. I have answered that Quora is the best place to bring new users into HIVE. Those who come from Quora are likely to come after reading more into what HIVE is about and how it works. People go on Facebook and Twitter for all sorts of reasons and they are used to more dopamine inducing UX.

Getting a curious mind from Quora into HIVE is a much better play IMHO. There is already 2.1K people in the community. Quora ranks well within search engines and it is one of the Top 250 websties on the planet when it comes to Alexa rankings. We can really use those backlinks for us.

Check Out Our Quora Space Here

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