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Are You Joining The @piggericks Promotion On @splinterlands That Has 41% ROI?

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Yes, you read that correctly. The only catch is that you have to jump through few obstacles and spend extra few minutes to cash in on the 41% ROI. If you have $20 to spend, you can settle for a quick 10% ROI. That doesn't include the potential gains from the @splinterlands booster packs.

What You Are Getting

How I Made Extra ROI

  • 1000 DEC can be currently bought for about 61 cents
  • and are the best interfaces for me
  • LEO DEX allows you to save 75% of your deposit fees (0.25% instead of typical 1%)

I Just Bought My 110 Packs

Thank you @piggericks @splinterlands and @knircky for this excellent opportunity. These are the times that makes it feel good to wait for the next purchase while collecting funds.

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