Are You Optimistic About Your Country Changing For The Better?

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The first openly Libertarian campaign in modern politics to produce a president worked in Argentina electing Javier Milei. He was not from a major political party and still managed to get the majority vote in a country that had rampant socialism destroying itself. I was not expecting any of this. I was not even following any of the politics actively. Yet we have made it to this milestone.

The Wikipedia page paints a very lively picture for the president and his policies. He is no Ron Paul and there is a lot of media shenanigans and clowning around from Javier Milei. At least he is pushing more sensible policies than most politicians.

More people are waking upto the distortions caused by Keynesian economics and destruction + death toll caused by communism and asking good questions. It seems that people could be willing to try out Libertarianism when a country becomes utterly broken.

Some of The History of Taxes

Nayib Bukele managed to do a better job than what I expected. It would be good to have another positive turn for a nation even if it does not turn out to be ideal. Some freedom is better than the total tyranny the world is marching towards.

Crime is Already Bad in USA

Take a look at the trend is E Salvador vs USA. It is a start contrast and it may require for things to be a lot worse in USA before Libertarianism is attempted. I'm not even fully sure if Libertarianism would be attempted.

Boots on The Ground in New Orleans

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