Are You Using Trading Bots? - Rockfish Open Source Bot Might Be Right For You + High Frequency Trading Documentary

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@leofinance is a great place to share and receive great tips. I was spreading the word about a great arbitrage opportunity to make quick 6.67% gains. You can ead about it here. I learned about Rockfish from a comment @dannychain made. The trading bot is has MIT license.

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Bots can massively improve your returns. They are also a risky move. Bots don't think. They only execute. If you want an edge case scenario that has actually happened in the real world, here are 7 seconds worth trading:

That Was 7 Seconds of Trading in Slow Motion

  • The date was January 14, 2008
  • There were 7,000 trades (52,000 contracts)

Two Documentaries (With Biases Included)

Don't watch them for the conclusions. You can think on your own. Focus on the facts and events that happened and the systems that enabled such trading. Similar things have happened on Ethereum DeFi few times. Crypto isn't free from any of this. Tread carefully!

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