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Are You Using/Planning To Use The Newly Released DeFi Solutions For HIVE Users?

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If you missed my reblog, here is a link to a well made guide by @cryptomancer on Automated Market Makers on HIVE The name of the project is DSwap. You can find log in at with your HIVE Keychain

You Don't Need To Learn To Code

Market maker bots were already a thing on HIVE. It was only available for a small group of programmers. Now the average user has a chance to generate profits as high as 30% gains in a single month. Of course you need to be very smart with your trading strategies to get these high end results. It's not completely passive income either. I consider it to be more like highly automated day trading.


I have Hunted DSwap for STEEM Hunt today to give more exposure on STEEM blockchain. It probably won't take a lot time for the same DAPP to be made for STEEM-Engine Tokens as well.

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I Don't Want To Use DeFi On HIVE At The Moment (10.0%) 1 / 10
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