Are You/Are You Planning To Be A Whale In Any Cryptocurrency Related To STEEM?

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Normally this would be an odd question on Reddit. But STEEM has many vibrant crypto startups whether it is a to be SMT like Dlike or APPICS or SCOT like LEO or PALNet. If you think this is a far fetched goal, take a look at these top trading Tokens on STEEM-Engine:

EPC which pays daily dividends of about 1% is valued at $9,116 at the moment. Most people on STEEM can afford to own 1% of that. For reference, total STEEM supply is 356,622,597 STEEM. A whale is someone with 500K STEEM

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I'm Working To Become A Whale (57.89%) 11 / 19
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I'm Not Interested In Becoming A Whale (36.84%) 7 / 19
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I'm A Whale In Many STEEM Related Crypto (5.26%) 1 / 19
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