Brave Search Premium is Amazing and Mostly Useless | Do You Use It?

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I was using DuckDuckGo for a years until I came across Brave Search. Over time DuckDuckGo becomes more happy with supporting censorship. To make matters worse, DuckDuckGo was simply using other search engines like Bing for most of their search results. They do have their own DuckDuckBot to crawl the web. Ultimately the results are a mix of 400 sources that does not include Google.

Over time, I have found Brave to have improved its user experience significantly while DuckDuckGo stagnated and got political. Brave Software, Inc. bought Tailcat, a privacy-focused search engine from Cliqz and improvements made on it lead to the great product we have today.

I Have Never Seen Intrusive Ads on Brave Search

Th feature is there to support what seems to be the best independent search engine on the plant while having a cleaner ad free experience. It is a very cheap subscription that would not leave a dent on many people's wallets. You can easily find the option in search settings:

Brave Search is the only subscription based search engine I know. I think this is a much better and simpler way to build a relationship with the customer. Brave charge 3 dollars a month for a valuable service people regularly use. The great thing is that the free version of Brave Search is already so good, I don't even feel like paying for a slightly better experience.

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