Delegation V2 Earnings Are Incredible! Do You Know A Great Interface To Track Them?

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Yesterday I started spending some time trying out the new delegation system of @splinterlands which is purely based on daily DEC payments instead of HIVE/HBD payments that fluctuate. There are two important changes that comes with this:

  • It is possible to add low value cards to the delegation market as 0.1 DEC is lower than $0.001
  • You can calculate APR based on DEC burn value of the @splinterlands Cards

The market value of an NFT is not always linked to the DEC value you get when burning the said NFT. You can still see correlation of the two values in majority of the cases. There is more consistency in this method compared to simple dollar denominated earnings on the card.

When @splinterlands NFTs went up in prices, so did DEC price. We are likely to see a similar relationship in the future as well. Due to this reason, DEC based pricing looks like a much better deal in theory.

It Works The Same in Practice

There are some delegations I have done in V1 and I kept the leases going as a good gesture. Currently I have 67 on going rentals. Now let me find few rental contracts that are close to completion and try to rent them in V2. You can compare the returns.

Delegating Through V2

USD Value Based on Current DEC Price

21 Times Better Results!

This new delegation system is one of the best things that happened to my @splinterlands investment. I would still consider SPS airdrop to be a far bigger gain. Things get even better when you crunch the numbers to see how many days it take for 100% return on DEC value of the card

Only 134 Days For This NFT

That is an APR of over 272% which can still be lowered due to cool down times and times the card is not rented by a player. @splinterlands get 5% fee on your earnings which does eat into profits. We could consider 200% APR as a more conservative and realistic estimate. You can start investing at

Do You Know A Great Interface To Keep These Tracked?

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