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Did Changing The RPC Node Fix Your Splinterlands Gameplay Issues?

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The previous poll had few mistakes and @dpoll doesn't let me edit. So I had to repost the edited poll. Sorry for the inconvenience

I have become unable to select and teams for @splinterlands and I finally figured it out to be an error with the HIVE nodes. The official tip from Discord was this:

This tip did not work for me. I'm doing fine on other front ends. I just can't select teams for @splinterlands I'm making this poll to get an idea about the situation. I have also come to notice that amount of HIVE Nodes that is shown on Keychain has gone down to a mere 4 RPC Nodes.

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I Never Had Any Issues To Begin With (30.0%) 3 / 10
30.0% Complete (success)
I Don't Play @splinterlands (30.0%) 3 / 10
30.0% Complete (success)
It Didn't Fix Any Issues For Me (20.0%) 2 / 10
20.0% Complete (success)
Yes, It Fixed The Issues For Me (10.0%) 1 / 10
10.0% Complete (success)
It Fixed The Issue First, But It's Not Working Anymore (10.0%) 1 / 10
10.0% Complete (success)

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