Did You Buy Praetoria Land With BAT While The 20% Discount Lasted?

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I have been a massive advocate for investing in Land Plots from the moment I read through the announcement. I was able to participate in the Presale and experience major discounts thanks to ultra low DEC prices of those times. If you have been through my articles, you should also know that I expect at least $100 value for a Land Plot in the future.

A Way To Spend Your Cryptocurrency For NFTs

As any sensible person in the cryptosphere I have Brave Browser installed on multiple devices making me few dollars and I have kept most of that BAT without giving them away as tips. I assume this is probably the case for you too.

It Is A Pain To Move BAT

It is all thanks to being a not scalable highly congested network. EOS has dropped the ball attracting DAPP developers and most of the fun and relatively more affordable things are happing on Binance Smart Chain.Even in that case, there are significant transaction fees that are going to eat into that $4 you are going to save by not using a currency with zero transaction fees.

A Better Way On STEEM-Engine/HIVE-Engine

STEEM-Engine can have major price swings giving way to some great arbitrage trades. But that comes with low liquidity. HIVE-Engine on the other hand offers 15% discount right now at the moment of writing!

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I Got Better Deals With DEC (20.0%) 2 / 10
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I'm Not Interested In Praetoria Land (10.0%) 1 / 10
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I Don't Play @splinterlands (10.0%) 1 / 10
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