Did You Cashed In On The HDB Pump? Are We Seeing A Potential SBD Pump?

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February started off great for HIVE users and investors who had some HBD in their hands. I made this artcile and told my followers about the pump and made my case why HBD is more of an asset with a price floor like DEC than a stablecoin that is meant to be like USDT etc.

In Other Words HBD is like a dollar that occasionally worth few dollars. If you treat 1 HBD as 1 USD, you will do fine as long as HIVE marketcap remains 10X higher than HBD supply. Occasionally you will get a bonus pump for your holding where you can sell.

The Bonus Has Ended

Things are back to normal again. People sold their HBD enough and the price came crashing down. You can now enjoy your quasi-stablecoin as almost $1. I sold my HBD and I'm happy with it. What caught my eye was SBD.

Quick Look At TradingView

There are very experienced traders and technical analysis on HIVE and LEO. I will leave this chart here for you to make up your mind. I have not looked at other indicators. It is just a chart pattern and a steady volume. ATH for SBD is $14.18

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