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Did You Discover Bitcoin.com Exchange Sponsorship Thanks To Their Splinterlands Sponsorship?

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>They will be sponsoring the rewards for the next two ranked play seasons and they will be sponsoring a total of eight (8) tournaments over the course of the next month with a total of $1,000 in prizes!The tournaments will start on Saturday, March 21st (or Sunday, March 22nd depending on your time zone) and there will be two tournaments each weekend for four weekends. The times and rules will vary, so please check the details before you enter!

>The tournament prizes will be paid out in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) which is the primary token used on the Bitcoin.com Exchange, and all entrants will be required to link a BCH wallet address to their in-game account before they can enter these tournaments.

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Yes. It Was A Pleasant Surprise (36.36%) 4 / 11
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I Didn't Even Know ABout This Until Now (36.36%) 4 / 11
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No, I Already Knew About Them (27.27%) 3 / 11
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