Did You Miss dPoll? It's Back Online After Error 500!

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I have been a regular user of dPoll ever since the project used. I had the honor of being the #1 among Top dPollers before getting dethroned by @akdx recently. I'm still have the third highest number of votes. I'm not going to leave any screenshots here. Visit dPoll and you will see on on the front page.

I didn't count days, but it seemed like dPoll was missing for two weeks. Now there are only 3 polls visible on the home page. This better change fast IMHO.

The Team Behind dPoll

DAPPs don't magically come into existence out of nothing. Someone has to code them and someone has to keep the front ends running. These are the people who brought me the best decentralized polling experience I have had so far:

@emrebeyler @isnochys and @bluerobo (@blue-witness)all have Witness nodes. Feel free to show them some support with your votes.

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