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Did You Sell Any Of Your HUNT Tokens After The Recent Gains Over 800%?

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Transaction fees on Ethereum are skyrocketing and @steemhunt has been having many troubles because of it. But there are few positive results like getting listed on Upbit Exchange which had $4,834,852 Tx volume during the last 24 hours. That is more than the daily trading volume of HIVE which is already twice the trading volume of STEEM.

I Called For $0.10 HUNT - It Reached $0.14

If you have been following me for the last few years, you know that I have been calling for at least 10 cents for the HUNT Token price and I said that I'll consider selling my HUNT at $1

My HIVE Account vs HUNT Account

The prices used to be much higher when HUNT Token got listed in Korean Exchange Upbit. Yesterday while I was talking to @holovision the value of my holdings was $5,784.27 which was already down from almost 11K USD which made HUNT worth more than all the other tokens I owned.

Things Are Getting Better With Token Burns

This announcement came 4 hours ago. and I think it will help the prices stabilize more. HUNT Whitepaper v4.0 was also released two days ago. You can read the new whitepaper here.

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I Didn't Sell Any My HUNT Tokens (50.0%) 4 / 8
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I Didn't Have A Significant Stake In HUNT Token To Begin With (25.0%) 2 / 8
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I Sold Part Of My HUNT Tokens (12.5%) 1 / 8
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I Missed The News. I Would Have Sold If I Knew. (12.5%) 1 / 8
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