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Dlike Poll: Does It Have Way Too Many #sportstalk Content?

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Partnerships and collaborations are great. But sometimes they can work too well. Personally I'm not very interested in sports. When I go to about 75% (sometimes even more than 90%) content is related to sports. This is not all that great IMHO. I have been a huge supporter of Dlike with 5850 SP delegated for the project. I have bee around the project since the fist week and I remember how diverse the content used to be.

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I Don't Use Dlike. It's Not my Problem (33.33%) 6 / 18
33.33% Complete (success)
There is Too Much #sportstalk Content on Dlike (27.78%) 5 / 18
27.78% Complete (success)
I Don't Think It is Too Much (16.67%) 3 / 18
16.67% Complete (success)
Dlike Should Partner With Other Tribes To Curate Content (11.11%) 2 / 18
11.11% Complete (success)
Dlike Should Stop rewarding/Reduce Rewarding #sportstalk Content (5.56%) 1 / 18
5.56% Complete (success)
The UI/UX Should Be Improved For A Diverse Range Of Content (5.56%) 1 / 18
5.56% Complete (success)

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