Do You Know About Pandoc Open Source File Converter?

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I have used many online converters before. The privacy implication of this is problematic and the conversions come with limits that make the process and inconvenience or the best features are behind a paywall for a feature I would only occasionally use. This is where Pandoc comes to the picture. It does not cover all the file types you would want to convert. But it is certainly a big help to have the tool installed on your computer.

How Pandoc is Used By Professionals

Linux users will have the easiest time. You do not have to bother going to a website or go through a setup wizard. All you need to do is type a single command:

sudo dnf install pandoc
sudo apt install pandoc
pacman -S pandoc

Depending your your Distro, you may have a slightly different command. The videos above describe the process in detail. The basic syntax I use is as follwoing:

pandoc inputfile.* -o outputfile.*

The extensions that you can use can be found on the website. You may have to install some additional packages for some tasks. I have only learned about the basic usage and it is good enough for me (at least for now).

GitHub Page

88% of Pandoc is written in Haskell (probably the most well known purely functional programming language). I have been intrigued by Haskell enough to look into some basics and I can say that I loved the experience. I am not pursuing to become a programmer. It was more of a fun thing to try out.

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