Do You Play Strategy Games? I Have An Excellent Tutorial For The Genre!

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I found the best tutorial for strategy games. That sounds like an odd statement to gamers. Why am I talking about a tutorial for a genre? It is because we don't tend to notice the air we live in! Are you even aware of your own breathing?

Majority of the world do not even know how to use a cryptocurrency wallet. Using Keychain is an entirely different skill that require a considerable amount of education. Once they have learned that, they can switch to MetaMask, Kondor, Exodus or any other wallet without much trouble.

A similar thing happens with video games. I have seen people getting started with FPS games having trouble with the most basic mechanics such as movement. Most of the world's population do not know how to move in FPS games. Once a player has learned to move, aim and shoot, they can switch to a completely new game and still feel like they know what they are doing. The first few FPS games of a gamer is their tutorial to the FPS genre.

Strategy games have a problem with tutorials. Most tutorials teach the game without teaching the genre. Due to the complexity and lack of popularity, strategy games do not get to teach many gamers about their genre. My experience with strategy games are mostly browser games. The only AAA strategy games I have completed are;

  1. StarCraft + Brood War
  2. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos + The Frozen Throne

When I watched this "Tutorial" I knew it was the best introduction to the genre I have seen. All the things mentioned in the video are the things that find the most useful. There are some strategy games that I gave up after some time of playing. Even when playing those, tricks that helped me were the transferable "genre skills" that I had gained playing Starcraft.

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