Do You Support To Fund Expanding Liquidity For HIVE Assets?

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I have been thinking about the value of having THORchain liquidity for HIVE. At the current state, HIVE is not easy to access without going through centralized parties. It is the same when it comes to getting HIVE out and taking some of the profits. People face financial troubles and a places like Venezuela, HIVE can become a life saver when used effectively.

We are currently living in a state of being in a walled garden of many great things including zero transaction fees and a array of extremely well designed DAPPs. We need to get people onboard these projects. @ecoinstant recently asked funding from DHF to create a SWAP.HBD:SWAP.BUSD pool. This is an extremely low risk pair as both of them are stablecoins. I would be more interested in a more volatile pair. But at the end of the day, the underlying idea is the same. More liquidity and accessibility for HIVE assets.

Read Proposal 206

@nathanmars is supporting the project as you can read here. and @ecoinstant himself further elaborated on his reasons here. Go and read them as I don't endorse blindly voting in governance. You must do your own research.

We Have Built and Barely Anybody Came!

HIVE has less active users than it used to at its peak. The price is less than 1/6 of the peak of STEEM. Other projects with much weaker fundamentals have overtaken us. Most people are utterly unaware of HIVE.

Does it sound like the speaker is aware of the biggest blockchain game on the planet? Do you feel the hype for HIVE gaming? Most of blockchain gaming hype I'm seeing for is Axie Infinity.

I Have Not Made My Strong Argument

Got take a look at Go ahead and try similar search queries. We as a community must be ashamed of ourselves about how little the cryptosphere knows about us. Development work here has been like a masturbation that barely spend any money to give the right financial incentives to DAPP developers and we are certainly spending next to nothing on marketing ourselves.

Let Us At Least Get Some Market Liquidity

@ecoinstant is not making anything out of this. @gerber is not making anything out of this. They are doing all this work to support all of us in the community. I strongly urge you to take a very good look at the utility of using DHF to fund liquidity pools. The people behind are already trustworthy individuals who have been a part of the community for years.

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