Do You Support Trucker Protests Against Tyrannical Mandates and Police State?

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The coverage about the events were a disgrace to journalism from mainstream media. Luckily we have citizen journalists and those are are working hard to summarize events and keep people updated:

Fox News Did Better

Most of mainstream media is united against Fox News and Fox seem to love their ratings. This is a win for capitalism where a news channel with a long history of bias still keep batting for the libertarian causes. If you look at comment sections of CNN and rest of the disgusting junk, you will clearly see that not everyone is brainless sheep.

Fox News can make a good profit catering to those normies who still have their brains intact. The needs of the market are being met.

Few Words About The COVID-19 Lies

Mainstream Media and social media deplatformed Del Bigtree who was the best resource that did an amazing job at covering everything related to COVID-19. Currently there are only few videos of him on YouTube. I will list them below:

__He still has his website and he continues to produce videos. [You can check them out here.

Can Someone Tell Him About Brave Verification?

There will surely be those who are willing to donate what they make from viewing Brave Ads.

Senator Rand Paul Left YouTube For Rumble

I wish he switched to using LBRY or At least he is voting with his digital feet and driving viewers towards alternatives. You can find Rand Paul's channel here.

We Need Decentralized Crowdfunding

Even a unified interface for everyone to post their wallet addresses with descriptions about their situation will be a great help. Combine that with ability to instantly buy cryptocurrency and you have a true gem. Blockchains like HIVE and BLURT are absolutely perfect for this. We already have the interface to post and even vote without having to spend anything out of our own pocket (not applicable to BLURT).

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