Do You Trust Academic Research?

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Some of the research I excitingly read as a kid turns out to be based on falsified data. There was a time I believed most of what was published in research papers with the exception of few things such as aliens and ancient civilizations (and some medical research). Over time I got to learn about the bad incentives in academia and started discounting research that was coming from the "Soft Sciences". Then COIVD-19 made me loose faith even within STEM.

Data Frauds of Francesca Gino

Francesca Gino is a famous academic figure. Although I did not remember her by the name, I did remember several of her research. "Soft Sciences" already has a major problem replicating the findings of the research papers. Now we have hard evidence that some of the most well known and influential professors have been malicious frauds misleading human civilization's quest for knowledge.

Is Most Published Research Wrong?

This is an old video from Veritasium. Even if most published research is not wrong, there is a good case to be made that a very significant amount of research is wrong and should not be trusted without heavy scrutiny. I expect STEM research to have a better success at being right. It is easy to falsify a survey; hard to falsify mathematics.

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