Even Microsoft Use Linux Now! How About You?

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In many ways the Linux user experience is better that Windows and it is better than macOS. Give up the old impressions you have from the time where Linux was mainly developed by developers for super users. The average user did not have a good experience. After all the things Microsoft has been doing lately, Windows users are becoming more like a Google user; a product to be offered to advertisers.

I Have Been Daily Driving Linux



I have a more secure and private experience while my laptop feel faster than it used to. I used Bottles to run Windows software on Linux when it is necessary to do so. In most scenarios I have Linux native apps or alternatives that work just as good or better. The best part is that freeware experience is vastly better on Linux. FOSS do not bother you about some premium purchase all the time. If it did, someone would have forked the code.

Not Everyone Should Migrate


Developers will have a great time on Linux. If you mostly use your computer for browser, office and few simple apps, I urge you to give Linux a try. The best part is that you can use Linux without installing it. Create a live USB and test the OS. Using a virtual machine to test out a Distro is another option. After downloading an image, I can use that OS in a minute using Boxes (VM software). If you must use a specific software for work or have some video games you cannot live without, switching to Linux may not be the best choice.

Most popular games can be run with WINE/Proton, but these can have downgraded performance. Whenever a you use a Virtual Machine or a container to run your software it does use all the power your computer has to offer. I suggest you to try installing Linux on a secondary device you keep as a backup.

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