Gone In 21 Seconds: Did You Manage To Get Any @splinterlands Praetoria Lands?

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If we are to treat Praetoria Lands as an ICO, it will have to be regarded as one of the best ever with sale happening so fast it didn't last a minute. The biggest and best surprise/tragedy was that there was enough demand for at least twice (possible thrice) the supply. I only managed to arrive at the website 4 minutes after the sale had started only to be find myself unable to spend my DEC (which lead to a purchase of Mystery Potion)

A Personal Reflection From @aggroed

>We were worried about "would there be enough demand for this considering it's not even built yet?" Keep in mind we had at least one major account leave the game entirely with public emphasis on leaving Splinterlands because we chose this path. So, we have some trepidation here.

As I assumed the developers massively underestimated the interest from the player base. They could have even done well with less discounts and even more Plots of land for sale. After all @splinterlands is world's #1 blockchain game despite being a very grassroots project with no real VC funding. You can read the full post here which is not the positio of @splinterlands but what @aggroed personally thinks of the situation.

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