Had You Tweeted Before You Buzzed?

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I was never really a fan of Twitter. it didn't interest me that much and toxicity was extreme. Let's not forget how biased and hypocritical the company has bee. @dbuzz is the decentralized alternative to Twitter and it is not some lousy blockchain version that belong in 2000s instead of 2020.

The website works smoother than Twitter in my experience and has most of the features of Twitter. There are some features that AFAIK isn't available on Twitter. You can add multiple images and videos in one Buzz and present them to the world in a much nicer fashion.

I Had Never Tweeted Before I Buzzed

I can't be the only one. I started with https://d.buzz and moved to https://next.d.buzz to check out the latest features before they are out in the stale version.

You Can Now Tweet Straight From HIVE


@chrisrice and @jacuzzi have been great community members and we have a small but great community at @dbuzz. You are welcome to check us out!

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