Have Made Anything From @splinterlands Affiliate Program? + Rare Card Giveaway

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I have been using the link from the affiliate program for basically as long as it existed. I have managed to get few people into the game. As I have quit all traditional social media which most of the people are using, I have very little reach.

My 7 Affiliate Onboards

It Is Hard To Get Them To Pay

The rewards are great if you do manage to onboard a paying user into the game. It's 5% of lifetimes purchases as long as they don't pay with DEC. This is what I have earned so far:

Rewards For Summoner's Spellbook

My luck was average this time and I received a Rare Summoner. I'm happy with what I got.


Join Here If You Haven't Played The Game

Anybody who sign up with the link above and let me know in the comments will received a Regular Foil Rare Card from me.

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I Don't Play @splinterlands (25.0%) 2 / 8
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