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Have Played Any Matches In @piggericks Game?

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It has been a fun time the few games I played. I'm mainly trying to win that nice prize at the moment. There are only a few hours left if you want to try. You can read more about the contest here.

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Yes, It Was A Solid Game (42.86%) 6 / 14
42.86% Complete (success)
I Had No Idea About @piggericks (28.57%) 4 / 14
28.57% Complete (success)
No, I'm Going To Play It Now (14.29%) 2 / 14
14.29% Complete (success)
Yes. But I Gave Up Because I Didn't Like It (7.14%) 1 / 14
7.14% Complete (success)
I'm Not Interested In @piggericks (7.14%) 1 / 14
7.14% Complete (success)

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