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Have You Joined Any @steemmonsters Art/Music/Story Contests?

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The art contests have been going around for 53 weeks and Fantasy Story and Music Contest published their 20th set of winners last week. When it comes to artwork, following types are mainly mentioned:

  • Drawings
  • Paintings
  • Digital Art
  • Logos
  • Blog Dividers
  • Blog Footers
  • New Card Ideas
  • Mixed Media Art
  • Dolls
  • Computer Generated Art

This is a great way to grab some Booster Packs if you ave any talent in above mentioned fields. There won't be any more of Beta Monsters. The new packs will contain unique and new set of monsters.

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I Think I Will Join At A Later Time (40.0%) 6 / 15
40.0% Complete (success)
Art/Music/Story Contests Are Not Really My Thing (40.0%) 6 / 15
40.0% Complete (success)
Yes. I Have Joined & Won Once (6.67%) 1 / 15
6.67% Complete (success)
Yes. I Have Joined But Didn't Win Anything (6.67%) 1 / 15
6.67% Complete (success)
@steemmonsters Isn't Really My Thing (6.67%) 1 / 15
6.67% Complete (success)

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