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Have You Voted For Any of The STEEM Proposals?

Asked by vimukthi Promote - View in Steemit - Audit

10% of the STEEM inflation is going to be dedicated for these proposals. You can check them out here If you ae not familiar with this type of a DAO proposal system, I urge you to go and read this FAQ

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I Didn't Find Anything Worth Voting For (26.32%) 5 / 19
26.32% Complete (success)
I Have Voted For Multiple Proposals (21.05%) 4 / 19
21.05% Complete (success)
I'm Not Interested In Voting For Proposals (21.05%) 4 / 19
21.05% Complete (success)
I Have Voted For One Proposal (15.79%) 3 / 19
15.79% Complete (success)
I'm Against This SPS. Authours Should Be Getting More Than 65% of STEEM Inflation (15.79%) 3 / 19
15.79% Complete (success)

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