Have You Won Any Random Prizes in @risingstargame?

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I have been playing @risingstargame for a while and I have been getting better and better rewards out of it. Lately I have won one of those random prizes. My current Luck stat is 1555. It has helped me gain a significant amount of Skill points from Guitar Lessons. This is the 1st time I made it to winning something as far as I remember:

How Do You Win?

This is a quote from the FAQ page in the game

> Luck comes from temporary four leaf clovers that you can earn randomly after a mission as well as cards like instruments that permanently increase your luck. Luck increases your chances of earning a random prize (the ones on the homepage) after a mission, but does not affect your chances of getting drops such as pizza and coffee from these missions. Music lessons also award skill based on the amount of luck you have. Luck also increases your damage in 'Battle of the Bands' mode.

@risingstargame is Underrated

Most people have no idea about it. There is a strong community around it and I have come across many talented artists produce music. Maybe some of the indie music artists you listen to here will make it to the big league. When that happens you will have some serious bragging rights!

Go To https://www.risingstargame.com To Play The Game

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