Have Your Bought Tickets To @splinterlands Raffle? Possibly Over $200,000 Worth Prizes

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The $100,000 number only applies to the in game items that currently have a price tag. Even those are discounted prices.

  • A Region has $20,000 worth Plots
  • A Tract has $2,000 worth Plots

That adds another $8,000 to the value of prizes. If you invest now You can have your results in less than 90 minutes.

A Raffle Tickets is Only $0.240

Raffle Tickets had the second highest trading volume o HIVE-Engine today. You can buy your own entry to $20,000 worth blockchain NFT here.

  • You can deposit at https://leodex.io/market/RAFFLE and save 75% on fees

Read About Totems

>Let's assume for this exercise that a Legendary Totem will double the base production rate of a specific resource. That would mean that having a Legendary Totem on a plot of land is effectively like having two of that plot (even a little better actually since you won't have to build and upgrade two buildings or have double the Monster and Summoner cards to work it).

>If it's just a basic, common plot that may not be a big deal, but what if it's an Overflowing (Legendary) plot with a magical resource such as Virtulium? This is effectively the land plot equivalent of a gold foil legendary card.

>If you have a Legendary Totem on that plot, then it will be as if you have two Overflowing, Magical land plots. From that perspective, each Totem can be considered to be worth at least the same value as the best (most rare / highest production) plot of land on which it can be used.

If you understand what those words mean for gameplay value, you should realize how valuable these Totems will be.

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