HODL(Stake) vs Trade vs Sell: What is Your Splintershards Airdrop Strategy?

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@splinterlands is at the front of this new bull run for HIVE. There were a great many indicators pointing towards higher HIVE prices. The final snow flake that triggered the avalanche was the airdrop for SPS DAO. This new update and the new userbase that came along with it nearly broke the site. @d-zero had published a great article on this. Many projects on HIVE are likely to expect massive user demand in the coming months and years.

All Staked For HODL

SPS Price Before First Airdrop

It is incredible how well the price has been maintained after such a significant bull run. It is another testament to how great of a job @splinterlands has done.

My Best Performing Investment For 2021

Through the cryptocurrency winter I had two kind of assets that performed exceptionally well. One of them we the @splinterlands assets. The other was HUNT Token. I was waiting for HUNT to reach $1 and I didn't sell. I have lost almost half of the value. Still I plan to HODL.

I see far greater potential in SPS. The best part is that there are staking rewards. There is going to be many trading opportunities. After all these are cryptocurrency markets. Getting the best out of those market fluctuations is going to be a very resource consuming task. Day trading and even swing trading is a difficult job.

For tat reason, I'm all in on staking and that is what I would recommend to others. If you are happy to put the time and effort along with constant monitoring of price, trading will get you better ROI.

Multiple Choices Are Available for The Poll

Mix and match based on the strategy you are going to use. You can get started on https://steemmonsters.com

Best of Luck!

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